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01 Jun

What is Sales Enablement? Part 2 – Analytics Enablement

In my last post I laid out IDC’s original definition of sales enablement (i.e., “putting the right information into the hands of the right sales professional at the right time, in the right place, and in the right format to move a specific sales opportunity forward.”) and discussed some reasons for why we wanted to expand on it. As part of that conversation, we outlined three core sales enablement activities and discussed the first of these at length:

30 May

What Is Sales Enablement?

When Lee Levitt and I wrote IDC’s definition of sales enablement in 2009, it was a new term that would have yielded a lean set of results in response to a web query. Today, sales enablement has become a critical cornerstone of sales productivity (see Figure 1) with web queries yielding pages upon pages of discussion on the topic.