Sales Kickoff Meetings: The 4 Best Practices for Sales Enablement

12 Jan

Sales Kickoff Meetings: The 4 Best Practices for Sales Enablement

jason cunliffe
By Jason Cunliffe
Vice President, Thought Leadership and Sales Enablement Practice

Sales kickoff meetings represent a unique opportunity to advance the sales enablement agenda. First, these meetings offer an opportunity for face-to-face connections, something that is very difficult to achieve given the far-flung nature of most sales organizations.  Second, these meetings typically have high-level sponsorship, with executive leadership and the head of sales in attendance and invested personally in the proceedings.

Given the high profile of these meetings, it pays to take the time and make the effort to get the most out of sales enablement.

The sales landscape is constantly shifting, leaving sales professionals to maneuver in rapidly changing environments. It’s not enough for event planners to book rooms and develop agendas for sales kickoff meetings. To create events that truly enhance and promote sales enablement, meetings must be meticulously planned and thoughtfully executed. Consider the 4 best practices for enhancing sales enablement at your next sales kickoff meeting:

Curate the content. Focus on content that is thoughtful and reinforces the sales organization’s overall message. This can be especially useful to identify engaging outside speakers who can elevate your organization’s overall objectives.

Get outside perspective. An outside speaker can provide a customer’s voice and perspective, or industry-specific expertise which can enhance credibility and provide a powerful perspective.

Take time upfront. When utilizing outside speakers, spend time on the phone with them prior to the meeting to convey meeting objectives. Include the head of sales to share insights about the organization, the business environment and working dynamics of the sales team. Coach and rehearse outside speakers in advance as needed.

Look inside. Salespeople value seeing their leaders on stage.  Bringing in company executives for face-to-face discussions builds serves to build trust and rapport between the leadership and sales teams.

As an annual event, sales kickoffs can provide the sales enablement team and the sales executives with the opportunity to level-set the goals for the entire sales organization. A significant aspect of what is going to make the sales organization successful is the extent to which salespeople and sales leaders  operate from the same playbook. When salespeople understand the objectives which have been set for them – and know what resources and training are available to ensure their success – they are in the best position possible to deliver for themselves and the organization.

As you plan a sales kickoff event, aim for content and speakers that will enhance credibility, establish connections with attendees and further promote your sales organization’s goals. Enlist some or all of these best practices to take your sales enablement to the next level.


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