08 Mar

Enhance Your Sales and Marketing Dialogue – Best Practice 1: Focus on Business Outcomes

Randy Perry M                                          Nancy_Selig_cropped M
Randy Perry                                                         Nancy Selig
Vice President                                                         Vice President
Business Value Strategy Practice                        Interactive Platforms Services

In our previous post, we outlined 5 best practices for elevating your sales and marketing dialogue with customers and prospects, which we will expand upon over the next several weeks. Our post today further describes Best Practice #1: focus on business outcomes.

Focusing on business outcomes sounds straightforward yet it doesn’t just happen. Here are three key strategies to help the process along.  First, talk to the business buyers about the outcomes they themselves hope to achieve. Second, link your products and services to their specific outcomes. And third, quantify the results.


06 Mar

Digital Transformation is Here: What this means For You

Randy Perry M
By Randy Perry
Vice President, Business Value Strategy Practice

Digital transformation is not a technology initiative. At its essence, digital transformation is a business strategy. Business leaders understand that digital transformation holds the potential for real growth by fundamentally changing the customer experience. To be successful, digital transformation requires a strong partnership between business leaders and IT.

05 Feb

How to Get Content Included In Enterprise Sales Kickoff Meetings: Tips from Michael Labate at SAP

jason cunliffe
By Jason Cunliffe
Vice President, Thought Leadership and Sales Enablement Practice

IDC recently had the privilege of speaking with Michael Labate, the head of program development and operations for SAP’s global Social Selling program, who shared fantastic insights into how he has been successful in integrating his content in to SAP’s sales kickoff meetings.