Month: July 2017

21 Jul

Sales Kickoffs as a Critical Sales Enablement Opportunity

n my last post, I talked about the importance of looking beyond the strength of your sales enablement strategy and assets and paying attention to what can drive adoption. I noted the trap of ignoring this issue based on the faulty thinking that sales people have to or would be crazy not to take advantage of a good sales enablement program. We need to sell salespeople on the value of the work we do as sales enablement professionals and one of the best opportunities to do that is during annual sales kickoffs.

Because sales kickoffs are both an opportunity to address the constituency you serve without the usual distractions they face and a rare chance to find them all in one place, you’ll want to do all you can to integrate your strategy and offerings into the event.

13 Jul

Sales Onboarding as a Key Enabler of Sales Enablement Adoption

One key success factor for any company’s sales enablement program that frequently does not get the attention it deserves is adoption. If your sales people don’t know how to or are not inclined to take advantage of your sales enablement deliverables, the best strategy and assets in the world will not produce the impact on sales productivity you are seeking.

06 Jul

More Sales Enablement “Bang” for Your Marketing “Buck”

The notion that storytelling is an important part of the customer creation process is an increasingly popular one. This begs a number of questions for marketing and sales enablement professionals looking to help their sales teams tell a good story: “How can I make our story compelling?” “How can I weave our core messaging into different stories suited to diverse buyers?” “How can I tell our story at different levels of detail suited to various communications streams?”