27 Jul

How the Sales and Marketing Funnel Got Its Shape – Part 1

By Kathleen Schaub
Program Vice President,
CMO Advisory and Customer Experience

The shape of the classic sales and marketing funnel – wider at the top and narrowing toward the bottom — seems so ordinary that it is hard to imagine it could ever look any different. But that ordinary shape is rapidly becoming obsolete in the 21st century, and it is hiding some problems for today’s digital world.


05 Apr

Enhance Your Sales & Marketing Efforts – Best Practice #5: Integrate Your Business Value Tools into Sales

Nancy_Selig_cropped M
By Nancy Selig
Vice President, Interactive Platforms Services

As stated in my earlier posts, when building Business Value tools into your organization, you first have to focus on demonstrating business outcomes, and quantifying the value of your service to clients and prospects. The final steps are automating the sales process wherever possible to create efficiencies, and integrating all these activities into your sales and marketing programs – which I’ll expand on below.